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you're like a storm against the window, leeteuk-centric

You're like a storm against the window
Leeteuk-centric, hinted Kangin/Leeteuk, PG-13, ~1670 words
Leeteuk doesn't realise that he is a workaholic until he's stretched his limits so tight he breaks.
I don't really think this vouches for warnings, but I'll put it here anyway: self-harm.

Leeteuk is a workaholic. I don't think it's as serious as what I've portrayed in here, but it's not far from improbable. Man needs to know when to take a break, not when management orders him to go on vacation. ): Title taken from Westlife's 'Amazing'.

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50 Themes - I swear I had another set of these :/

Title: 50 Themes.
Genre: Like, all of them. Mostly happy, some angsty, very few sad endings. Lot's of fluff.
Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, QMi and Kihae. There may be ninja of others but I have no idea anymore.
Rating: 15? Eh, nothing graphic, just-before-graphic-kinda.
A/N: Wrote these ages ago, just remember they existed I SWEAR I HAVE MORE WTF. THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER LOT. THERE IS ANOTHER LOT. WHERE HAVE THEY GOOOOONNNE. have just re-read them omfg whaii i hate them DDD:

Also, for those who are unaware, themes are short little sections (the could be one sentence or several) from a prompt. They exist in the same timeline as each other but they aren't in order and there is no necessary flow from one to the next.


It’s not about the singing, it’s not about the lyrics, it’s not about the dance or the radio or the TV shows and it’s definitely not about the fame.


They’re tight. He’s never seen jeans so tight. He wants to tap that.


Kyuhyun has one word for you: hell.


You don’t know what’s going to happen in ten days, ten weeks, ten months, ten years.

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anal sex = poking a straw up one's nose? idgi, singapore.

Poking a straw up your nose
Kangin/Leeteuk, PG-13, cooks!au, ~710 words
I disclaim.

For kangfany's birthday! She deserves more than a less than average piano cover as a present. ♥ Warnings for self-indulgent schmoop and the likes. I need to write something serious. Thank you my darling ruo_qi for looking it over. :D

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Original fic: Over the Ocean

Title: Over the Ocean
Rating: 15
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Character death.
Summary: The presence that lingers, watches those she loves.
AN: This came about at about three am, after Elyse signed off to go to school - which really should leaveher more depressed. I think this was written after I was used as a human pincushion, so I'm not so sure why I was in this mood. I am angst city right now, I swear.

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On The Inside

Title: On The Inside
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, fluff.
Pairing: slight onew x kibum
Summary: How Jinki really feels about his so-called fail.
AN: Okay, so this was born from a personal hang-up I have with his 'fail' and the whole sangtae. I know it's a joke, I know it's affectionate, but there are times when I just feel really horrible and guilty about it. This is because I'm dyspraxic - really dyspraxic. This means I do what he does, I trip, I fall, I verbally put my foot in it all the time, and people laugh. And I know that the vast majority aren't doing it to be mean or cruel, but it can really really hurt, so I wrote this.

I also had serious issues ending this, there were about six diferent versions, but this is the one I like best, so there we go.

^This is the original AN, and again, it's linked to the original cut on replay.

It’s that he just doesn’t want to be inferior anymore.

And I am actually going to sleep now. Okay, one more.

Jinki Knows All

Title: Jinki Knows All
Rating: U
Warnings: None.
Genre: mild fluff? Not rot-your-teeth sugary, but kinda fluffy none the less.
Pairings: slight jonghyun x onew, ninja minho x taemin, Onew-centric
Summary: Jinki knows all, he really does. The trouble is that sometimes he forgets things.
AN: First of all, this is the first SHINee fic I wrote, and I'm linking it here (to the original cut in REPLAY) mostly for me, so I can keep track of it (and the other one) because I mostly forget about it. That said, I do like this one, in an aw-it's-kinda-cute-and-i-want-to-re-edit-it-right-now sort of way. And lmao, am slightly embarressed by that original AU. I WISH I COULD EDIT IT DAMNIT.

he knows, damnit!

I'm also going to bed now, it's midnight D:

there's no real point to this

Title: there's no real point to this
Rating: U
Pairing: kibum x donghae
Genre: Romance, fluff
Warnings: none, unless you have an allergy to fluff
Summary: It's the little things that are most amazing. Like cuddles.
AN: Wrote this forever ago, as you can see I am so prompt with my posting hardiharhar. Also, I have no idea when Finding Nemo came out, work with me here.

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Temporal Suspension

I'm not dead, just slightly useless. Also, I am so depressing.

Title: Temporal Suspension.
Rating: 15
Pairing: Kibum x Donghae
Genre: Romance, Angst.
Warnings: Critical illness.
Summary: They sat here before, so different, so wonderful. Then, the fire had been bright and happy, dancing in the grate and heating the entire room while the crackling had drowned out that hateful clock. Always on that couch – he can’t bear to sit there anymore.
AN: Started out to write fluff, wrote this instead. I'm fairly sure this says something about my mental state when I am without internetz.

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